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Through video chat our mezuzah placement experts will walk you through your home, step by step, guiding you to the exact required placement of each mezuzah.

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Welcome to MachonStam, a highly acclaimed online and in-house source of authentic and impeccably written STa”M— Sifrei TorahTefillin, and Mezuzos — located in Crown Heights, New York. In addition to our exceptionally written products, we are also known for our carefully selected, worldwide network of certified, G-d-fearing sofrim.

Our excellent reputation is the result of an unwavering commitment to quality, materials of the highest caliber, exceptional inks, and meticulous attention to detail. MachonStam’s products reflect our passion for high quality standards in all our products (sifrei Torah, tefillin and mezuzos) and accessories (the yad, silver crowns, mantle and etz chayim for the sefer Torah and other complementary Judaica).

We place great emphasis on offering STa”M from sofrim who are G-d-fearing and conscientious, whose handwriting is of superior quality, and who have ksav kabbalah1 — certification from recognized Rabbonim and are therefore fully versed in the many fundamental laws of STa”M. This ensures that every sefer Torah, mezuzah and pair of tefillin sold at MachonStam is kosher and of the highest quality, regardless of whether it is the most or least expensive item in its category.

Each mezuzah and tefillin scroll is computer checked, and then carefully hand-examined to ensure that all the tagim(crowns on the letters) are intact and proper. Our customers appreciate the fact that even on our least expensive STa”M, we don’t compromise on the tagei lamed [see Sofer  for more details].

In keeping with our desire for quality, MachonStam has introduced to the market a complete line of exclusive STa”Mwritten with a flexible, non-cracking, water-resistant ink  which, in addition to the many halachic benefits, makes it possible for scrolls written with this exceptional ink to last more than a lifetime!

MachonStam’s unique mezuzah placement service helps you fulfill the mitzvah of mezuzah by sending to your home an expert in the laws of mezuzah placement to affix your mezuzahs in the appropriate places.

In addition to all the above, MachonStam has developed a unique system of teaching safrus and is presently offering state-of-the-art lessons that we hope will bring out the hidden potential in those desiring to learn safrus as a passion or a parnassah, or maybe both!

Thank you for visiting MachonStam.


Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin


The Chasam Sofer brings in his approbation to Keses HaSofer – a fundamental sefer including all the laws of safrus –  that anyone who is not well-versed in this book is not allowed to receive ksav kaballah and is not allowed to write STa”M. Therefore, it is important that anyone who wants to write sta”m, must be tested by a reliable rabbinic authority who ensures that he is thoroughly versed in this sefer.