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The Ksav

Of equal significance to thesofer’s integrity is the quality of his writing. There are many halachos pertaining to the writing of STa”M — as explained at length in Shulchan Aruch(The Code of Jewish Law)1 — and it is essential that the sofer be skillful and accurate in his writing of the letters from a halachic standpoint. Aesthetically, a “beautiful ksav” is a hiddur mitzvah that is cherished by many.

As stated on our Welcome Page, our number one priority is examining the reputations and qualifications of prospective sofrim to find those who, in addition to being honest and G-d-fearing, have received ksav kabbalah — certification from noted Rabbonim — and have handwriting of superior quality. This ensures the highest level of kashrus of every mezuzah, pair of tefillin and sefer Torah sold through MachonStam.

After each mezuzah and tefillin scroll is computer checked, it is then carefully hand-examined to ensure that all the tagim(crowns on the letters) are intact and proper. It is of utmost importance to us that we do not compromise on our standards.As an example of this, according to halachah, the letter lamed is written with two tagimKabbalah explains that the tag on the right side corresponds to kindness, and the one on the left, to severity. Consequently, it is of utmost importance that the right tag be taller than the left one, ultimately drawing down kindness from Above over the individual. Our customers appreciate the fact that even on our least expensive STa”M, we don’t compromise on the tagei lamed.

Whether you are looking for ksav AriZal, Alter Rebbe, Beis Yosef,or Sefard, MachonStam insures that the quality of your STa”M will be of the highest quality, from the least to the most expensive items in each category.

1 See siman 36.