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Special Features

Everlasting Ink

MachonStam has introduced a complete line of exclusive STa”M written with flexible, non-cracking, water resistant ink which, in addition to the many halachic benefits, makes it possible for scrolls written with this exceptional oshon* ink to last more than a lifetime!

This special ink contains no acids, which means that the ink will not discolor or crack with age. It is crafted with a superb adhesive that makes the ink stick to the klaf exceptionally well yet won’t absorb into the klaf, permitting a clean removal of ink when required. This unique phenomenon is stated as a requirement in halachah, [ein rishumo nikar,] which is not found in contemporary inks used for writing STa”M.

*Oshon ink is an ink into which a black ash carbon has been added to make it blacker and more mehudar.


Mezuzah Placement Service

Since it is crucial that your mezuzah be affixed in its proper place — such as the optimum height of placement and/or the proper side of the doorpost — MachonStam offers a unique mezuzah placement service. An expert in the complex laws of mezuzahplacement will come to your home and affix your mezuzos in the appropriate places. This service may be valuable to many, as unclear situations in placement commonly arise in which it is possible that a person may not be fulfilling the mitzvah of mezuzah.

Safrus Lessons

Have you ever dreamed of mastering the art of safrus? We have developed a unique system of teaching safrus and are presently offering state-of-the-art lessons along with our commitment to bring out the hidden potential in those desiring to learn this sacred craft. Our skilled team of sofrim teach safrus to beginners as well as help those already writing to improve their ksav.

Behind the Scenes

What bar mitzvah boy wouldn’t love to get an in-depth look at what is going on behind the scenes in the making of his new pair oftefillin! Parents may schedule a time for their bar mitzvah boy to watch his sofer writing real tefillin on parchment and ask thesofer his many special questions…

24 Hours

Tefillin and mezuzos should be checked at least twice every seven years. MachonStam makes it easy! Fill out our convenient form, mail us your STa”M and it will be checked and shipped back to you within 24 hours after its receipt.

Computer Checking Service

We offer a unique computer checking service that enables you to email us a scan of your items to be checked for accuracy by our state-of-the-art computer checking system. (Please note that this does not replace the need for examination by a qualified sofer.)


Before purchasing any STa”M, our website enables you to examine a close-up sample of the sofer’s script. Simply click on the item you are interested in, and the name of the sofer whose work you would like to see, and make your choice that much easier.