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Everlasting Ink

MachonStam has introduced a complete line of exclusive STa”M written with flexible, non-cracking, water resistant ink which, in addition to the many halachic benefits, makes it possible for scrolls written with this exceptional oshon* ink to last more than a lifetime!

This special ink contains no acids, which means that the ink will not discolor or crack with age. It is crafted with a superb adhesive that makes the ink stick to the klaf exceptionally well yet won’t absorb into the klaf, permitting a clean removal of ink when required. This unique phenomenon is stated as a requirement in halachah, [ein rishumo nikar,] which is not found in contemporary inks used for writing STa”M.

*Oshon ink is an ink into which a black ash carbon has been added to make it blacker and more mehudar.

To hear more about this special ink called דיו לנצח, watch the video bellow. (Hebrew)